Friday, June 8, 2012

Updates and Pretty

Update the First - I am finally moved in (and at least partially unpacked) to my new apartment! Woo Hoo. AND internet got connected this morning so I am back in touch with the world. =)

Update the Second - My LiAW story, Life in Chaos, was posted over at goodreads today!! Click here to read the whole thing (its free folks!).

Update the Third - I seriously CANNOT help myself. Some of the authors ended up backing out of the stories they had chosen to write, so the prompts opened up again. Sooo, I picked another prompt to write a story on. Image and prompt are below.

Prompt (from Sarah Black): 
Albuquerque during Balloon Week was insane- like Madi Gras on laughing gas, I heard someone say. Easy to hide in the crowd. But how to get away? Once I left the festival grounds, my leg would slow me down.

He was alone, trying to get his balloon off the ground. You needed at least two people to get one of these monsters in the air. Bad day, between pissed off and heartbroken written all over his face. He stared down at my leg, and I grabbed the edge of the basket for support. "Need some help?"

He laughed, then looked behind me at the trail of bloody footprints I'd left. "Whoever you're running from, you just led them here, bud."

I stared at the footprints, then up at him. He dropped the fuel gauge, reached out and lifted me into the basket like I was a sack of groceries. "Stay down before you fall down. I need six more minutes to get this balloon out of here. Have you got six minutes?"

I shook my head. "I don't know."

Update the Fourth - I have cover art for True Love's Kiss as well as a (self-imposed) release date for the completed story. It forces me to do at least one chapter per week over the summer and to double up if I miss a week. AND even if you have been reading along, you will still want to download the final draft because I am adding a good bit to the plot for publishing of it at smashwords. ;)

Update the Fifth (and final) - Be expecting an expansion of my ficbit Perfect in the next couple of weeks. Amilyn won the free custom ficbit during the Hop Against Homophobia and that is what she requested!

That's all for now, folks so I will leave you with some pretty with which to start your weekend. =)