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Broken Broken
reviews: 68
ratings: 420 (avg rating 3.65)

Life in Chaos Life in Chaos (Love is Always Write)
reviews: 52
ratings: 271 (avg rating 3.82)

Like So Much Hot Air Like So Much Hot Air (Love is Always Write)
reviews: 23
ratings: 115 (avg rating 3.53)

Pickup Lines Pickup Lines
reviews: 33
ratings: 108 (avg rating 3.60)

Christmas Tradition Christmas Tradition
reviews: 17
ratings: 54 (avg rating 3.31)

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Seafood Chowder
Chaz and Job (from Broken) have had fights before but never one where Chaz just up and left. Job must figure out what his relationship with Chaz is worth and hopefully figure out a way to fix things before Christmas.

Jesse and Leo have been friends for a long time. Then, in a moment of celebration, their friendship becomes something more. A/N - Expanded version is available here.

Traveling Home
Five years ago Javi left Santi in Mexico to go and live in America. Now Santi is running with his sister from a ruthless gang leader and has no where else to turn but to the friend he hasn't seen in years.

Peace, Part 1
Jared can't seem to find peace after everything he experienced in Iraq. Could his best friend Robbie be who he needs to help him find the peace he wants so much?

Peace, Part 2
Jared and Robbie go to visit Jared's family for the first time since he got back from Iraq. How will Jared deal with the stress and can he finally admit to what is going on between him and Robbie?

Everything Changes
Clay has spent the last few months tutoring Jessie and somewhere along the way he fell in love. Then a misunderstanding threatens to tear them apart before they even get together.

Something to be Thankful For
Zach is home from college for Thanksgiving break and doesn't think he has anything to be thankful for. But then someone he thought he knew surprises him.

He lives in a meaningless world of hook ups and wishes he could do something to fill the growing hole inside him. He thinks it is hopeless until a bright ray of sunshine finds him unexpectedly at the pier in the middle of the night.

Midnight Kiss
Lasrian can't believe his best friend Ger has found someone to kiss at midnight at the New Years' Ball. Worst of all it's not him. Will the start of this year be everything Las has feared or will something surprise him at the last minute?

Difficult Realizations
Colin has just realized he is gay and is doing his best to fend off the attentions of his overzealous, female, lab partner. His best friend, Ryan, walks in at just the right moment to save Colin from unwanted advances and what started as a ruse, grows into something more.

Sam wants one thing for his birthday: to hear from Kevin. When 12:01 the day after his birthday rolls around, he thinks the worst. But what is waiting for him as a belated birthday present is more than he could have hoped for .

The Healing Power of Sunflowers
Sean hasn't been able to feel anything since his accident. He is an emotionless husk. His family and friends shuffled him off to this exotic "health resort" to recover. Will he ever be able to feel anything ever again?

When he is at his lowest, missing a lover that died a year ago, this man takes the ultimate step so he doesn't have to feel that pain anymore. But it doesn't turn out quite how he expected it to.

Happy Birthday to Me
After a long hard day at work, Sandra is ready to throw in the towel and give up on her birthday this year. However, quick intervention from her friend Cristina, convinces her not to and leads to something more.

One More Shot
Tor took a chance with showing his best friend of fifteen years, Bas, how he really feels about him. It didn't go exactly according to plan. But can things still turn out for the best?

Brian can't believe he's finally made it. But his role on a teen sensation tv show means he's going to have to share his first on screen kiss and he doesn't want that to be his first kiss ever. Perhaps his best friend, Sean, can help him out.

Valentine's Day Scavenger Heart
Ari's friend Jeremy calls in a favor at the last minute asking Ari to take his place at his company's annual Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt. Little does Ari know that Jeremy's partner is the man he has been crushing on for weeks, Randy. Perhaps, the best thing Ari and Randy find on this scavenger hunt is each other.