Thursday, January 23, 2014

Time Travel, Flavored Lube and Going to the Gym, Oh My!!!

Thing the First - Since we last communed on this here blog I have moved my family 2,000 miles across the country into the frozen northern tundra (aka North Dakota) and started a brand new job! It has been a crazy two months but it has been really good too. The hubby, the cat and I love our new apartment and a job that let's us, you know, buy food and pay rent without worrying about bank overdrafts. YAY for being a proper adult.

Thing the Second - This means that everything in my last has sort of been pushed forward by two months - it is still my plan of attack but beginning now instead of two months ago! In the meantime, I did finish an entirely new project that I didn't mention in that post (see thing the third).

Thing the Third - If you are a part of the M/M Romance Group on, you will have heard of the Scavenger Hunt. For those of you who are not, I will give a brief explanation. Each month ten categories were chosen (books with a green cover, book that starts with a "K", book with a doctor as an MC, etc). We had to pick a book for each category. Then, as we were reading those books we had to scavenge for points. There were ten items (eg jock strap, flavored lube), ten locations (eg mansion, gym), ten themes (eg law enforcement, time travel), and ten items to be found on the cover (eg baby, sunglasses). Those items were assigned point values so each book we read had a total point value based on the items found in that book. The team with the most combined points over the course of six months won!

Katie is the fearless leader who kept everything organized and fielded all the nit picky and ridiculous questions concerning what counted for each thing (eg Does a baby dragon on the cover count for the baby on the cover points?). She did all this while pregnant and then with a brand new baby. As a thank you, a bunch of us got together and decided to create a book that hit all FORTY items, locations, themes, and cover items. This is where Hunting Under Covers was born. Over a dozen of us from the scavenger hunt got together to write, beta, edit, design a cover for, and publish this amazing anthology. You can download it for free on goodreads, smashwords, or Divergent Publishing. Contributing authors are Aimee Brissay, Kaje Harper, MYSELF, Shayla Mist, M.E. Sanford, and Jay Vaughn. There is also one round robin story written by many different contributors. I am in the middle of reading the rest of the stories in the anthology but as soon as I am done, I'll be back with details and reviews.

In the interim - here are pics of the two fellows from my contribution (it's story about a Scottish warrior who travels through time in order to save his true love from death), Home.



If the list of great authors who are in this anthology don't convince you to check it out - then maybe those pics will succeed! ;) Until next time!