Saturday, May 31, 2014

Poem Post #11

This is my last Poem Post (for now). If you liked me posting poetry, let me know in the comments and perhaps I will do it occassionally (not as often as this month, I promise). This final poem is actually one the very first I ever wrote. Many of you may have read it in my short story, Broken. While I did include it in that story and it is even responsible for the title of that story, I wrote it before the story was even a blot bunny hatching in my head.

For Fatema

You look at me and
You ask
With fear
And disbelief
And maybe just a little bit of awe
How can you love, again?
It shows in your eyes
You think only of 
The broken heart
The shattered pieces
The lonely silence 
That comes after.
But I say to you
I have been broken
I have been shattered
I have been lonely
And none of that
Makes the love not worth it.

Friday, May 30, 2014


This winner for the Cross & Crown giveaway is calilathisway from tumblr. Congrats to calilathisway. If she does not respond within 24 hours then I will pick a new winner. Thanks for participating everyone!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Poem Post #10

This is a poem I wrote many years after the fact but while trying to work through a lot of the stuff I never let myself admit when I was trying to heal.

An Angry Lament

O Great God,
You claim to lead us by still waters and green pastures,
but you LIED.
My waters are not still.
My fields are not green.
My waters are 
screaming by, red with emotion.
My fields are
shredded by your cold regard.

O God of Power,
words of love fall from your lips,
but they have no meaning
when the works of your hand
tear my heart from my chest.
Thoughts of asking "why" flow quickly through my mind - 
but do not stay for long.
What answer could have any meaning now?

O God of love,
my anger knows no bounds -
swirling through my being.
Take your love for it does no good.
I am overwhelmed and cannot bear it.
So be it.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hump Day Pretty

Happy Hump Day! Get excited. Only two more days til Friday. These fellows want to celebrate with you. :D

Monday, May 26, 2014

Poem Post #9

This week I am going to post three poems. They are all poems I wrote about dealing with the death of one of my best friends. She was killed in a car accident a month after we graduated college together. If there was one moment I could point to and say, "That moment changed my life forever," it is the moment I got that phone call. Despite the seven years since then, I still have tears in my eyes as I am typing this. Many of my poems have a religious bent because I am a spiritual and religious person. These - more than any of the other poems I have shared this month - show that.

That Day

God, there was that day
That day she held me while I cried,
That day she talked until I could laugh again,
That day we just sat and it was enough.
And on that day, I thanked you for her.
But then, on that day, I also thought to myself,
“She is more real to me than You.”
And, on that day I shocked myself with my thought.
But then we cried and laughed and sat some more, 
And I forgot my thought.

But then, God, there was that day,
That day you took her from me,
That day her body was not stronger than a car,
That day you ripped a piece of my soul out.
And God, on that day, I thought to myself,
“Did you take her from me to prove I needed You more than I needed her?”
And again, I shocked myself with my thought.
But she was not there to cry and to laugh and to sit, 
so I did not forget my thought.

Time and tears and pain passed, and life went on.

And then, God, there was that day,
That day I went outside and smiled at the sun,
That day I realized my life is now and started what I was meant to do,
That day love began to heal the pain.
And, God, on that day, I thought to myself,
“You did not take her from me. She is here, with me, always in my heart.”
And again, I shocked myself with my thought.
And I cried and laughed and sat with her once more, on that day.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Poem Post #8

This is a poem I wrote as a part of  a reflective practices class I took in grad school. I'll be honest, I don't really remember what the assignment was.


A pebble sinks into the lake
From afar, a tinkling splash
From within, a rolling shiver across liquid skin
From below, bubbles and chaos amongst the fish and weeds
From above, rings spreading and growing
From without, nothing more or less than an afternoon by the lake.

Where am I? Or am I everywhere?

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Poem Post #7

I most often write poetry when there is something inside that I can't let out in any other way, something might be just a little too dangerous to talk about. This is a poem I wrote soon after my Dad died.

I Remember

I remember cuddling on the couch, peeking through your fingers at the scary movie.
I remember talking for ages on the phone about my favorite books, which you read only because I loved them.
I remember you hugging me and telling me I was smart when I did well in school.
I remember you reading to me before I went to sleep.

But then, I also remember hiding parts of me for fear you would not love me as much.
I remember her tears when she did not hide and you seemed to love her less.
I remember her pain as you burned the thing she loved most because you thought it evil.
I remember weeks and weeks of silence because she said a word you did not like.

I remember crying out in my head, asking, “How can you be these two different people?”

But then, I also remember you being sick.
I remember when they took your leg.
I remember when they cut into your brain.
I remember when you barely remembered anymore.
And you were not yourself anymore so I could not ask you the question screaming in my brain.

And finally, I remember you frail and broken and gone.
So there was no one left to ask and all I have left is to remember.
So I remember it all: the bad and the good; the tears and the hugs; the anger and the love.

I remember you.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hump Day Pretty

Halfway through the week! Congrats. You can totally make it the rest of the way. Here's some encouragement. :D

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Poem Post #6

Sometimes, poetry is most powerful when read outloud by it's author. Today, I am going to share a video from Button Poetry. The poem is titled "21" by Patrick Roche. 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Cross & Crown Giveaway

Let's get started with a list of all the booty. ;) 

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