Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hump Day Pretty

Happy Hump Day to all!!! Here's some pretty to get you through your midweek slump. :D

Monday, April 21, 2014


Thing the First - My story, Light Perpetual Shines, was accepted by Less Than Three Press and is currently queued to be edited (so it might be awhile until is available...I have no idea how long these things take). You probably know this because of the giveaway but my excitement over it means it has to be Thing the First. :D

Thing the Second - I have not forgotten about True Love's Kiss. I am working on it right now. However, unlike last time, I am not going to post any new chapters until it is completely done. That way, once I start posting again, there will be no more delays. For those of you who have completely forgotten about it (because it has been an eternity since I posted a new chapter) once it is done, I will be publishing it in it's entirity as an eBook - probably through Smashwords. 

Thing the Third - Goodreads' M/M Romance Group's annual prompt story writing event (this year it is called Love's Landscapes) is going on right now. My prompt is pretty awesome and I am having fun with it. You can check out the prompt here. This is the picture that came with the prompt:

I think that's all the updates for now, folks. I've got two more things in queue for the next wee while so be on the lookout. :D

Saturday, April 19, 2014


I have some really exciting news! You remember that story I said I was going to submit to Less Than Three Press' Missed Connections anthology? Well, submit I did. My country music singers stopped talking to me so it ended up being a different story - but it's still awesome. Anyway, it didn't get accepted for the anthology but it did get accepted as individual story! This is very exciting news for me and this story is going to be my first professionally published story.

So, in celebration of my excitement, I'm going to have a giveaway!!! Less Than Three Press has a serial subscription that runs 5-6 stories at a time. It is pretty awesome. I have my subscription paid up for the next two years and Tuesday night is my favorite cause I get to sit down and read new chapters. The stories that are currently running are as follows:

A Suitable Replacement by Megan Derr
The Heart of the Kingdom by Sasha L. Miller
Rocking Hard Vol. 3 by LOTS OF PEOPLE
Fairy Tales by LOTS OF PEOPLE
Paint, Guns, Money and Love by Mell Eight

Click here to read blurbs for all of them. They are all pretty great and when each story is completed you can download it in an eBook format of your choice.

So, to the giveaway - I am giving away SIX MONTHS of serial subscription time. If you don't have a subscription, it can start at any time. If you already have a subscription, it can be tacked on the time you have already paid for.

The winner will be picked via  on April 27, 2014 at 8:00pm CST. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to my notification before I pick a different winner.

How to Enter

On Blogger:
Comment on this post. Make sure to include your email address.

On Tumblr:
Reblog for one entry. Only one reblog counts. I'm feeling generous so a like will get you a second entry. MAKE SURE YOUR ASK BOX IS OPEN. If it isn't I am not going to try to track you down. I am just going to pick a new winner.

On Goodreads:
Comment on this thread. Make sure you are set so you can receive a PM or leave your email address.

I think that pretty much covers all my social media (I don't do twitter and I don't think I have logged onto my facebook in like six months...). You are welcome to enter in all three places. This means you can have as many as FOUR entries.

I've a got few more posts queued up for this week with some updates, a little short and some pretty so be on the look out!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Time Travel, Flavored Lube and Going to the Gym, Oh My!!!

Thing the First - Since we last communed on this here blog I have moved my family 2,000 miles across the country into the frozen northern tundra (aka North Dakota) and started a brand new job! It has been a crazy two months but it has been really good too. The hubby, the cat and I love our new apartment and a job that let's us, you know, buy food and pay rent without worrying about bank overdrafts. YAY for being a proper adult.

Thing the Second - This means that everything in my last has sort of been pushed forward by two months - it is still my plan of attack but beginning now instead of two months ago! In the meantime, I did finish an entirely new project that I didn't mention in that post (see thing the third).

Thing the Third - If you are a part of the M/M Romance Group on, you will have heard of the Scavenger Hunt. For those of you who are not, I will give a brief explanation. Each month ten categories were chosen (books with a green cover, book that starts with a "K", book with a doctor as an MC, etc). We had to pick a book for each category. Then, as we were reading those books we had to scavenge for points. There were ten items (eg jock strap, flavored lube), ten locations (eg mansion, gym), ten themes (eg law enforcement, time travel), and ten items to be found on the cover (eg baby, sunglasses). Those items were assigned point values so each book we read had a total point value based on the items found in that book. The team with the most combined points over the course of six months won!

Katie is the fearless leader who kept everything organized and fielded all the nit picky and ridiculous questions concerning what counted for each thing (eg Does a baby dragon on the cover count for the baby on the cover points?). She did all this while pregnant and then with a brand new baby. As a thank you, a bunch of us got together and decided to create a book that hit all FORTY items, locations, themes, and cover items. This is where Hunting Under Covers was born. Over a dozen of us from the scavenger hunt got together to write, beta, edit, design a cover for, and publish this amazing anthology. You can download it for free on goodreads, smashwords, or Divergent Publishing. Contributing authors are Aimee Brissay, Kaje Harper, MYSELF, Shayla Mist, M.E. Sanford, and Jay Vaughn. There is also one round robin story written by many different contributors. I am in the middle of reading the rest of the stories in the anthology but as soon as I am done, I'll be back with details and reviews.

In the interim - here are pics of the two fellows from my contribution (it's story about a Scottish warrior who travels through time in order to save his true love from death), Home.



If the list of great authors who are in this anthology don't convince you to check it out - then maybe those pics will succeed! ;) Until next time! 

Monday, October 28, 2013


So, many of may have noticed that I have sporadic at best and then mostly silent lately. I have had a lot of trouble finding inspiration and motivation. SO, I have decided to join NaNoWriMo this year. For those you who look at that and go WTF are all those random letters - it stands for the National Novel Writing Month (which is November btw). The goal is to write 50,000 words over the course of a month. Eeeep!  My goals for the month are twofold. First off - Finish True Love's Kiss (OH MY GOODNESS - IT IS TIME ALREADY). I will still parcel it out to you a chapter at a time but it will come on a regular schedule cause it is, you know, already written. But I am not predicting that to take up the full 50,000 words because I already have a good 14,400 words of it written and it is only meant to be novella length by the time it is done. Second off - get started on my next project. I have decided to write something to submit to an actual publisher. One of my very favorite publishers is Less Than Three Press. They are having a submission call for stories about missed connections for an anthology. I have a plot bunny about country singers that was actually inspired by my brief experiment with Music Mondays (hopefully I will get a few more of those in soon - if anyone has songs they want me to use, post in the comments).

So for the tl;dr version - National Novel Writing Month is a thing. I WILL finish True Love's Kiss and I will start my next project which involves country singers and a missed connection. ;)

Thank you for your time and have some pretty for your trouble.

Friday, September 6, 2013


I have finally made the jump and joined facebook - about a decade later than everyone else, I know! This means I am sadly lacking in friends right now. So, come be my friend on facebook!! :) This is my profile.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Book Review: Catch A Ghost

Title: Hell or Highwater #1 - Catch A Ghost
Author: S.E. Jakes
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Length:65,000 words
Release Date: 9/9/13
Rating: 4 Quills
Tags: law enforcement, military, private contract work, damaged men, kidnapping, badassery, alphas, hot, paranormal, ambiguous ending
Note: I received a free ARC of this story for the sake of review from Net Galley.

Everyone knows that Prophet - former Navy SEAL, former CIA spook, full-time pain in the ass - works alone and thinks only about the trouble he can cause. But his boss, Phil Butler of Extreme Escapes, LTD., has just assigned Proph not only a new partner but also a case haunted by ghosts from Proph's past. Suddenly, he's got to confront them both head on.

Tom Boudreaux - failed FBI agent, failed sheriff, full time believer in bad luck - is wondering why the head of a private contracting firm has hunted him down to offer him a job. Still he's determined to succeed this time, despite being partnered with Prophet, EE, LTD's most successful, lethal, and annoying operative, and even though the case is also resurrecting his own painful past.

Together Prophet and Tom must find a way to take down killers in the dangerous world of underground cage matches, while fighting their own dangerous attraction. And when they find themselves caught in the crossfire, these two loners are forced to trust each other and work together to escape their ghosts...or pay the price.


This is the story of two severely broken men trying figure out how to keep on living. Prophet struggles with guilt and ghosts from his past as he races to catch a future he doesn't really want. Tom has enough baggage to weigh down anyone and just doesn't want to drag anyone else down with him. Neither wants a partner - though for different reasons - but their boss, Phil Butler doesn't give them a choice. Prophet and Tom are sent on an assignment that tugs at Prophet's past in more ways than are apparent and the case pulls both of them into a dark and confusing world of slowly planned revenge and promises made that must be broken.

The first thing that drew me into this story were the rich, multidimensional characters. Cop/Spy/Assassin novels are a dime a dozen in the genre and after awhile it seems you are reading the same book over and over again. This is not that book. These are not those characters. Tom and Prophet are a unique blend of walls and vulnerability. The moment you think you have one of them pegged, they go and surprise you with a bout of truth or unexpected insight. These two play well off of each other with interesting dialogue and gut wrenching emotion.

I was also impressed with the fact S.E. remained true to her characters and true to her story by not wrapping everything in a pretty bow by the end of the book. I was initially shocked, and maybe a bit dismayed, by how the ending left Tom and Prophet. However, the more I thought about it the more excited I got for the books to come in this series. Rather than wrapping everything up and then tacking books with superficial conflict on for the sake of making a series, S.E. is allowing her characters room for real growth and development in the later books. 

There were just a couple of things that occasionally knocked me out of the story though. Since this is my first book by S.E., I am not sure if this is just her writing style or if it was an affectation of the narrative voice in this book. However, I noticed a tendency to leave out the subject, especially at the beginning of sentences. This can be used, on occasion to good effect. However, it was used so often that I found myself annoyed every time I saw it and I kept wanting pull out my red pen and add a subject.

Nevertheless, the wonderful characterization and solid plotting were plenty enough to make me want to continue despite this stylistic choice. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys darker mysteries with an element of the paranormal or anyone who likes to see two well developed alpha males go at each other. In many ways, Catch a Ghost, is reminiscent of the feel of Abi Roux's Cut & Run series (the later books of which are also available from Riptide). If you are a fan of that series, you should definitely check this series out!

You can pre-order Catch a Ghost here at Riptide Publishing for $6.99. If you are not into the whole pre-ordering thing, it will be released on September 9, 2013

Friday, August 30, 2013

Falling Apart is Available!!!

Hello All,
As you may know I wrote a second Love Has No Boundaries story for the M/M Romance Group. My second story is called Falling Apart. It is a wee bit darker than my usual stuff but my regular beta says it is one her favorites. I hope you enjoy it as well. Click here to read it. You have to be a member of the M/M Romance group at this point to access it (it is not hard, so if you aren't, you should be). In a few weeks, downloads will be available if you don't want to read it in the group thread. If you read and enjoy it please please please rate/review it. I would love you forever. ;) You can review it here.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Announcement Delayed

So I know I said I had an awesome announcement for y'all today but alas, it is not dependent only upon myself and the other party has issued a delay. Tune back in on Friday to see what I was I going to reveal today! I am being mysterious and I love it. ;) Now, as a thanks for tuning in, here is some pretty. :D

Monday, August 26, 2013

Urghhh...It's Monday

I have two words to explain my silence this last little while: migraines suck. We'll leave that subject there. To help you through your Monday (and me through mine), I will leave you with some lovely pretty. I don't have much more to say today BUT I have an awesome announcement tomorrow so be sure to check back in!

Do you sense a theme? ;)