True Love's Kiss

Part 1
Bierni promised to escort his sister to the capital when she turned eighteen for her chance to break the prince's curse. Never would he have imagined it could turn out like this...

Part 2
Bierni and Prince Kalristian have their first meeting and it does not go as well as could be.

Part 3
Mils convinces Bierni to stay despite Kalristian's rude behavior and something terrible happens that could change all their fates.

Part 4
Be makes a few surprsing discoveries about Kalristian as he heals from his wounds.

Part 5
Be and Kalristian finally find some common ground and get to know each other a little bit but their evening is interrupted unexpectedly.

Part 6
The shooter is discovered and Be sees a side of Kalristian he's never had a chance to see before. Will this revelation spell doom for their budding relationship or will it bring them closer together than ever?

Part 7
Ris and Be are surprisingly able spare a tender moment as they race to find the traitor before he disappears into the night.

Part 8
Ris and Be finally catch the man behind the assassination attempt. However, not all is as it seems and something unexpected could keep our lovers apart.

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  1. I like this story. a male version of Sleeping Beauty with a bite. Ris is shy? Awwwww. I like both of the main characters. Great plot.