Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New LiAW Story And Updates (and Pretty of course)

"She's Not DEAD!" I know that is what you must think since it has been so long since last I posted. I assure you I was just slogging through trying to write my second LiAW story, moving into my new apartment, and mainly being a lump on a log.

Today I have for you some updates, some fun tidbits, an excerpt and some pretty.

Update the First - You can now find my first LiAW story, Life in Chaos, free for download both on goodreads and on smashwords.

Update the Second - For awhile I have been meaning to clean up the formatting and correct some editing errors in my very first story ever and I finally managed it. You can find the updated version of Christmas Tradition free for download on goodreads and on smashwords. The story has not changed AT ALL - just cleaned up a bit.

And now on to my tidbits!
When I suffer from writer's block (as seemed to be my constant state while writing my most recent story) I tend to research ridiculous stuff that may or may not be useful in the story. This time around I got a little OCD about names. Here are the characters in my new story. Discern what you like from it!

Title (of the story): Like So Much Hot Air
This is the prompt.

Running Man: Jason O'Bannon - Jason is healer and O'Bannon means son of Sorrows

Balloon Man: Rhys Whelan - Rhys is enthusiasm and Whelan means wolf (connotations of loyalty and protective instincts)

Evil Ex: Shea Doherty - Shea is fairy palace (aka deceivingly beautiful and tricksy) and Doherty means harmful.

Big Bad: Old Man Charlie Doherty (Head of the Doherty Family Syndicate) - Charlie means free man or strong and again Doherty means harmful.

Helpful FBI Agent: Geoffrey Kortig - Geoffrey means peace and Kortig means brave adviser.

Friend: Air - nickname, explained in story.

And now for an excerpt:

I glanced up at my rescuer and got my first good look at him. His dark blond hair was close cropped and ice blue eyes stared at me out of a rigidly angular face.

“What’s your name?”


“You got a last name that goes with that?”

“Not until I know you a little better.” While his face didn’t move a whit, his eyes seemed smile at this and in that moment they turned from dull ice cubes to rich glacial pools. I scolded my heart doing a double beat and broke away from his stare.

Rhys turned away from me then, and began rummaging in the corner that had produced the gun again. This time when he turned around he had a red box marked with a white cross on it in his hand.

“Come on. Let’s get a look at your leg.”

Five agonizing minutes later my calf had been cleaned and bandaged and the ragged bloody part of my pant leg had been cut off. I had to clench my fists and take slow deep breaths to keep from passing out because goddamn that hurt.

Rhys’ voice broke me out of my pain filled reverie. “You ever been up in a balloon before?”

I shook my head, not trusting my voice.

He crossed the small space and leaned over to help me stand up. “Well, come on. It’s magnificent."

And now for some pretty!!

This is Rhys at the beginning of his stint in the army (about ten years prior to the story):

This is Jason:

Have a great day!!

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