Friday, August 24, 2012

Updates and Pretty

Since I have been gone for so long I am going inundate y'all for a wee while here to get you used to checking in with me again. :D All this will culminate with a GIVEAWAY!!!

Update the First: Last week was near death experience week on Paranormal Paradigms. On Tuesday, Xara X. Xanakas did a great post and Thursday I wrote a Flash Fic called "Remember" about a near death experience. You can find my post here and I will putting a link to it my "Currently Available" tab.

Update the Second: On Monday I start my new job!! YAY! In honor of that, I am planning a giveaway - not for Monday but for in two weeks. That is when I will get my first paycheck so I can buy things to giveaway to you greedy fiends. :D I am not sure what this GIVEAWAY will look like but it will require reader participation in some way. Stay tuned for more information.

Update the Third: I have not forgotten about you, Amilyn. Unfortunately the continuation of Perfect got stuck in my summer of writer's block. I have two, maybe three, more chapters in the first "book" of True Love's Kiss. Once those are in the bag, my full attention is returning to Perfect before I start on "book 2" of True Love's Kiss.
NOTE: I would have just called them Part 1 and Part 2 except that is what I have been calling the chapters (*sigh*). Book 1 and Book 2 are the same story and not sequels. We just switch POV and the central story line shifts.

Update the Fourth: Some of you may (or may not) know that I am a complete Ty and Zane fangirl (of the Cut & Run series). The sixth book just came out a bit ago so I am still in Ty and Zane euphoria. I've read it twice already. All this to say that today's pretty is from the mind of Abi Roux (Abi's Tumblr and Ask Abi). These are the men that star in the Cut & Run movie in her and many of her minions' heads (or are just hot guys with guns). :D Enjoy.

Fan art by Carlo Adrian

Hope you enjoyed my Ty and Zane inspired pretty. ;)


  1. Thanks for the update! Looking forward to it and, of course, True Love's Kiss as well! :D

    1. You're welcome! I am hoping to get Part 8 of TLK up this weekend. It all depends on how many emergencies I get paged into work for. I am on call and sometimes that means getting paid to carry a pager and not really doing anything and sometimes it means I paged in 6 times in one day. We shall see. :D

  2. It's been six months since you've posted anything in your blog. Any progress on the extended story for Perfect? I'm still looking forward to reading it. :)