Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tuesday Teaser

Hello All - I finally have a title for my Love's Landscape story!! For some reason I just couldn't settle on one for this story. I am still not 100% pleased with it but I think it will stick.

So without further ado, I give you an excerpt from To The End.


"Iryandeth Hirat. That was your full name. I called you Iry for short."

MarShael had sat up as they were talking but at that statement, Deth surged forward and pressed him into the bed again, knife once more at his throat.

"That's a lie. I grew up as a dedicant to the King's Assassins. It is all I have ever known. I am here to kill you because you have betrayed your King."

A look of revulsion flitted quickly across MarShael's face but was quickly pushed aside. Cautiously, as though he realized how close to death he really was, MarShael lifted a hand and placed it against Deth's cheek.

"My name is Akrandsmar Shaelen. You would call me Akr. Mother hated it. So of course I refused to respond to anything else."

Suddenly, a memory flashed through Deth's mind. A small bright room filled with cheerful laughter. A woman, no older than he was now baking bread with two young boys sitting at the table throwing scraps of dough at each other.

His hand shook and the knife was close enough to Akr's throat that blood began to trickle down towards the bed.

"No." Deth whispered. But even he could recognize a losing battle while he was still fighting.

Akr saw the opening. "Iry. Let me show you. Let me help you remember who you are. Let me show you what I'm fighting for."

Deth had almost given in until that last part. He was a King's Assassin, bred to do his will, loyal to the end, beyond question and this man was a traitor. He lifted his arm to slit Ak..no MarShael's throat but at the last minute, diverted the blow. He brought the hilt of his knife down on MarShael's head and knocked him out.

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