Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Boughs of Evergreen/Trevor Project Trailer

Hello All,
I know you must be shocked, with me posting something two days in a row! However, I am pretty excited about this so buckle your seat belts and prepare yourself. Our lovely editor, Deb McGowan, facilitated making a trailer that tells you a little about all the stories in Boughs of Evergreen: A Holiday Anthology AND lets you get to know the authors a bit and why they are supporting the Trevor project. All of Beaten Track's portion of the profits are going to the Trevor Project and many of the authors (including myself) are also donating their portion of the royalties.

This is your opportunity to get a great anthology filled with a super diverse range of holiday stories and characters while supporting a really awesome cause.

Check out the trailer below (it is kinda long, but totally worth it!)

Also, don't forget there is still time to enter our AWESOME giveaway. For more information see my previous post or click here.

You can also donate directly to the Trevor Project if you want to give more than what the profits/royalties from book sales will give. Click here for more informaiton on how to donate directly as well as more information about what the Trevor Project actually is.

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