Sunday, March 15, 2015


It’s that time again. This is our final Cut & Run book so of course I am doing another giveaway. I am a bit late getting this up because I have been a bit under the weather this past week. SO, FIRST UP - THE PRIZES.

1. 1 eBook copy of Cut & Run Book 9 by Abigail Roux from Riptide Publishing.

2. Your choice of Either 1 Cut & Run audiobook from Audible Or your choice of an item under $15 from 

3. Pair of Anchor and Compass Art Prints (8x10).

4. 1 Set of Catherine Dair's Cut & Run Trading Cards.

5. 1 Sampler Tin of Mind & Soul Tea - Cut & Run themed and created by fellow fan, tumblr user, a-quick-drink.

6. 1 Bottle "Lucky Charming" glitter green nail polish.

7. Handcuff and Shamrock/Heart Charms.


8. Shamrock Adjustable Bracelet and Anchor Stud Earrings.

9. Dreamcatcher Ornament.

10. Thumb drive with ten songs of your choice from the various Cut & Run Soundtracks (your choice or mine - you can choose).

11. Whatever snacks, sodas, alcoholic beverages and kleenex’s I choose to include (you can let me know your favs and if I can find them, I will include them).

12. Whatever else I decide to include. :)

And now the rules.

1. You must have a mailing address inside the United States (sorry shipping abroad is ridiculously expensive).

2. You can enter by commenting on this blog post. You do not need to be following me. You can also get two entries from the tumblr post for the giveaway (reblog and like). Once I get it up on Goodreads, you can get an entry there too. This is Four entries total per person.

3. I will pick the winner on Tuesday, March 24, 2015 at Noon CST. 

This giveaway is pretty much a love offering to all of those who love this series as much as I do, so feel free to spread the word!


  1. Excited for the new book, sad it's about to be over.

    You pick the winner the day before my birthday. *crosses fingers some birthday luck goes into early effect*

  2. I'm here, ready and willing!

  3. Gahhh I can't wait! Ty and Zane fanfic just isn't enough anymore!!! *crosses fingers real hard while clutching kitty*

  4. Tea?! There is cut and run tea? I am a tea addict. That is so cool.

  5. What a fantastic giveaway to celebrate the final book.

  6. Wow...what a great giveaway! Thanks for putting this together.

  7. Great giveaway. Excited for the book to come out but sad to see the series end.

  8. Wow, so very generous! I'll enter!

    cojazzchick AT yahoo DOT com

  9. Thanks for the great giveaway. I've already pre-ordered the ebook, but I'd love to have all the other great stuff your offering. :)

  10. All the pretties.... Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

  11. Love the giveaway! Counting down the days for Ty and Zane.

  12. I love these guys. So sad to see this is the end for their series.

  13. I have such mixed feelings about book #9. Can't wait to read it, but so not ready for it all to be over. :(

    Thanks for putting together the giveaway. It's very kind of you.

    roberta_austin AT outlook DOT com

  14. This is awesome! You've gotten so many things that really bring back memories from the books. I can't believe its almost over. :)