Wednesday, September 26, 2012


As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I started my new job and as a celebration I am now having a giveaway! Since the new job coincided with the end of summer, I am really feeling that back to school dragging sensation that kicks in about week after the shiny of a new place wears off. No more long days at the beach watching hot guys in speedos skipping around all wet and making out at the drop of a hat anymore. Or was that just in my imagination? ;)

Either way I figure others must be feeling a similar loss so I am having a bit of a cheer you up giveaway. It is simple. Answer my question below in the comments and you get entered to win an eBook of your choice from any online eBook retailer that allows book "gifting" (up to $10).

QUESTION: What is the crappiest summer job that you have ever had? Please give me more than just "Organizer for Clown Orgy Hustler Company." I don't want your job title. Give me a funny anecdote or tell me about your horrible boss. WHAT made this the worst job EVER?

I have not decided if I will do a random drawing from everyone who comments or pick the job I think is the worst and have that person win. I will let you know.

This contest closes at 7pm CST on Wednesday, October 3, 2012. 

Ok not in speedos but still nice and wet. :D

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  1. Only had one and it was crappy so it works... lol!

    I got a job as a waitress. First job too. Was put on mornings and had to be there at the dreadful hour of 5am. Then with all I had to do, I was there until 6 or 7 that night. I have NEVER been a day person so that meant I was not ready for sleep when I went home. Very little sleep and back at it. After two weeks, I insisted I be given evenings. This put me coming in around 3pm. And again, with everything I had to do, I was there until damned near when the biscuit maker came on around 4am. After a month total, I got accused of stealing $400 from the register and they boss threatened to have me arrested. My parents paid him the money just to keep there from being trouble. Another waitress who'd been accused of the same thing sat and watched the restaurant one night. There was only an hour or two it was empty as late as we were there. The boss was the one coming in and taking money out of the register and then accusing employees of stealing.

    I've never worked as a waitress again... lmao!