Wednesday, October 3, 2012

End of Summer Bummer Giveaway BUMP


It's pretty quiet around here lately. You still have time to get an entry in for a FREE eBOOK OF YOUR CHOICE (<$10).

Just post a comment here (on this blog) or here (goodreads thead) telling me about your worst summer job experience. There are some pretty bad ones posted so if you want a break and to laugh a little go a read them.

Also, as a bit of incentive to check back here tonight, I WILL be posting the next installment of True Love's Kiss and it is an extra long installment since it has been awhile. It will be the end of this part. There will be a bit of hiatus as I work on Perfect and then we will return with the second part which switches POVs and main location.

And now some pretty to get you through the day - super SFW though cause I am at work.

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