Saturday, June 29, 2013

Awesome News

Hello All,
So this past nine months I have been in a residency program in my field. This pretty much means that I get to work full time, take classes, and be professionally supervised all while earning a tiny little stipend which is barely enough to live on. And be excited about it. From the beginning I knew and the place I work at knew it would be over on September 6, 2013. So I have been searching for jobs elsewhere because my lovely gainful employment is gone (poof!) in very little time. And here's the good news: I FINALLY GOT AN INTERVIEW!!!

On Tuesday morning I will be putting on my big girl panties and venturing forth into the real world and begging to be given a chance to earn money. So I can eat. And pay my rent. And, you know, buy books. Any thoughts, prayers, energies through the ether, or other good wishes you can send my way would be greatly appreciated!

And now, as I go to prepare for my interview, I leave with some pretty that will hopefully show how much I love you all! :D

It doesn't get much better than men in kilts who are kissing...maybe if there were waistcoats involved...

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