Friday, February 13, 2015

Howdy Folks

Howdy Y'all.
So, you probably know that my story, Light Perpetual Shines, came out last week. You can totally buy it right now at Less Than Three Press. They are having a 20% off Valentine's weekend sale so if you didn't get a pre-order discount, here's your chance to get it cheaper. I may have already spent $40 buying various books on sale. YOU SHOULD TOO (hopefully mine in there, but even if not, GO BUY BOOKS, CAUSE THEY ROCK)! :D

Additionally, if buying them is not your thing, I have TWO ways to get my story for free. Way number 1: Click here. LT3's giveaway is still going. All you have to do is comment on the thread and you are entered. Way number 2: If you are willing to write an in depth review (more than just a few sentences) and post your honest review on at least THREE sites (goodreads, amazon, barnes and noble, allromanceebooks, etc) I will give you a copy for FREE. This is limited (I am not giving away 20 copies or anything). If you are interested, email me at or message me on goodreads.

Finally, come back tomorrow. There will be a ficbit that fulfills one of my prizes from November. The other two will be posted during the week next as a fun Valentine's week celebration.

Hope you all have a happy weekend. Whether is it cuddling with your bae, vegging out with your friends or having some quality alone time - do whatever will make you feel good. :)

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