Saturday, January 28, 2012

Book of the Week - Ink

Title: Ink
Author: Isabelle Rowan
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Length: 230 pages
Rating: 1 Quill
Tags: paranormal, vampire, contemporary, tattoos


Roman centurion Dominic drew his last human breath during the time of Hadrian. In the centuries since, he’s seen much of the world change around him, but the vampire finds himself held captive in Melbourne, Australia, by his fascination with young, passionate, fun-loving, and alivetattoo artist Michael Chapman. Unable to resist the lure of Michael’s beauty, Dominic finds himself entering the parlor to get a tattoo he knows will fade.

The attraction he feels only grows, and despite Dominic’s extreme reluctance to get involved with a human, he and Michael form a bond—a connection that all too soon attracts the attention of a dark specter from Dominic’s bloody past. Soon, a dangerous game of cat and mouse threatens not only the budding romance, but also their humanity.


First off, I must say I was not able to finish this book. I am having a hate on for Insta-love this week and I just couldn't deal with it. First of all, our vampire character is just "drawn" to our tattoo artist. Okay, that works. You can build on that. But then he just keeps making him forget until it doesn't work anymore. Then, even though our tattoo artist can't remember our vampire, he is drawn to our vampire. At some point during all this being drawn to each other they actually hang out for one night, in which our vampire almost gets incinerated cause he is an idiot and doesn't notice the sun is about to rise. Then, our vampire runs off and leaves our tattoo artist to his own devices and decides he want to commit suicide by sunlight. The idiocy continues until,a after knowing each other for maybe a week, our vampire turns our tattoo artist in a vampire. This is where I stopped reading.

I am not saying that no one could make me buy eternal love after a week but it was just not working for me in Ink. I will be finishing this book at some point because it was picked for me as a part of a challenge over at the M/M Romance group. I will try to finish it when I am in a good mood and haven't read any good vampire books recently (e.g. Sunset). Whenever I finish I will come back and let you guys know my final eval (maybe it redeems itself in the second half, who knows...).  Since this is currently a dnf (did not finish) for me I am awarding it 1 Quill. If I ever finish it and change my mind I will update this review.

If you want to read this book to try to prove me wrong or perhaps just absolutely love vampire insta love stories (legitimate reading choice even if it is not my own) or you know, whatever, you can find Ink for $6.99 at Dreamspinner Press. Also, if you loved this book (or hated it or somewhere in between), please comment. I'd love to hear what others thought. =)

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