Thursday, January 5, 2012

Groan, blerg, kersplat, and other onomatopoeias of patheticness

Hi All,
I am dismally ill and in the midst of exams so I must leave you without your Friday entertainment this week. If I am feeling better after exams are over (Saturday night) then perhaps I will have something for you on Sunday. In the mean time, drink lots of orange juice and don't touch strangers. =)

And just cause it made me feel better to look at pretty boys, I give you pretty boys to look at as well.

Now if this why I had a fever I might be less cantankerous...=)

Maybe we can figure out a way to transport my bf 200 miles so he can hug me like this and make me better. ;)


  1. Thanks! Melissa - If I can just get through 5pm tomorrow I can sleep for a week and then all will be well. =)

  2. M/M romance is my favourite and dreamspinner press is on Netgalley Do you get your books there, I do.

  3. Hi Kerry - Thanks for following me! So far I have mainly just been reviewing from my "to read" pile that I have already bought myself. Occasionally an author will give a book to review. I had glanced through net galley once but didn't have time atm to give it a more thorough look. I'll have to check it out. =)