Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Book of the Week - Holiday Matinee

Title: Holiday Matinee
Author: Elizabeth Lister
Publisher: MLR Press
Length: 21 pages
Rating: 3.5 Quills
Tags: bdsm, holiday, toys, contemporary, short


Jack Claridge has been dating Professor Michael Donovan for a couple of months. When Michael discovers that Jack has never seen The Nutcracker, he insists on purchasing expensive seats for a performance by the prestigious Winnipeg Ballet. During the production, Jack and Michael relive their initial encounter at the National Arts Centre and experience a resurgence of the intense feelings that brought them together. What begins as a relaxing afternoon at the theatre ends up as a passionate exchange at Michael's apartment involving some early Christmas gifts and an unexpected proposal.


This holiday short was written as a part of the MLR Press's Story a Day for the Holidays 2011 package. Jack and Michael have been dating for about two months and remember the first time they met as they attend a showing of the Nutcracker at the same location. They tease each other all through the show and then dinner. Then Michael gives Jack a few early Christmas presents for them to play with together.

This was short, hot little Christmas story. At about 12 pdf pages, it is difficult to really delve into any relationship. However, I found myself pleasantly brought along for the ride as Jack and Michael moved to the next stage of their relationship. I won't tell you how cause I wouldn't want to give away spoilers. ;) Just a slight warning to readers. There is a light bdsm aspect to this story, as our two MC's play with their toys. I will read just about anything as long as the authors sells it well within the given relationship (Elizabeth did) but I know that is something some readers feel strongly about avoiding. Overall, I enjoyed this holiday interlude. However, as I almost always say with stories this short, I wish I could have gotten to know Jack and Michael a little better. So I am giving the sexy story a solid 3.5 Quills. Go indulge yourself with one more holiday treat before the season is completely over. =)

You can find Holiday Matinee for $0.99 at MLR Press.

ETA: Your friendly neighborhood reviewer is sometimes at idiot. =) Apparently this story is a follow up with characters from the novella length story, The Crush. You can find this book for $5.99, also at MLR Press. I do not have the time to go and read this right now and re-review but hopefully when you read Holiday Matinee you will be curious to go back and see how the couple got together. So go forth and read my followers!!!

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