Monday, February 20, 2012

Update Extravaganza and Awesomeness

Soooo...I am finally almost recovered from my horrible bout with Bronchitis!!!! So today we get a whole slew of posts. I am giving you one each of my regular posts cause I have been gone for so long. You can scroll down or click on the links below.

But before we go into that, I also wanted to point out that I added a tab up top for my Poetry. I usually write poetry to get stuff out of me that I need to express but have no other way to do it, so they are very personal and not really gay or romantic for the most part. But, if you have any interest, click away and feel free to comment. =)

First up, a Mini - Music Monday. This is not my favorite video but it is how I feel about finally being well after being sick for so here goes. =)

And without further ado, I give you:
    Sunday Snog - Belated
    Friday Follow Up - True Love's Kiss, Part 2
    Blurb of the Week - Blood & Ash and Holed Up

ALSO, don't forget to vote in the poll. It will help determine what I write next. I hear what y'all are saying about Sunshine and Pretty Boy. Don't worry, they have a story, it is just taking some time to sort out in my head. In the interim, I will be doling out rations of True Love's Kiss. Enjoy (and vote)! ----->


  1. WOW! I hadn't heard that song in a while! Thanks for the good tune!

  2. Yay! That is my feel good song! =)