Friday, March 9, 2012

Books This Week - Caught Running

Hi All! This week I am going to review a book that is a favorite re-read rather than a new book. It has been out for awhile (since 2007) so you may have heard of/read it already but if not, read on. =)

Title: Caught Running
Authors: Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Length: 237 pages
Rating: 5 Quills
Tags: teacher, coach, baseball, low angst, feel good comfort read

Ten years after graduation, Jake "the jock" Campbell and Brandon "the nerd" Bartlett are teaching at their old high school and still living in separate worlds. When Brandon is thrown into a coaching job on Jake's baseball team, they find themselves learning more about each other than they'd ever expected.

High school is all about image - even for the teachers. Brandon and Jake have to get past their preconceived notions to find the friendship needed to work together. And somewhere along the way, they discover that perceptions can always change for the better.


Jake is jock who hides the fact that he likes to read and do sudoku puzzles from everyone because they make endless jokes about how stupid jocks should be. Brandon is the epitome of the science geek teacher in tweed but hides an athletic side beneath those slacks and button down shirts. In high school they were at opposite ends of the social spectrum and have assumed, ten years later, that they would still be. However, thrown together due to cutbacks they must reevaluate their assumptions about each other. Both Brandon and Jake tend not to reveal themselves to others and have hidden depths of strength and love to give. 

First let me say, I have probably read this book at least a dozen times. It is one of my go to feel good reads. While it does not lack any conflict, it is by no means and angsty book. Jake and Brandon almost unconsciously fall together and are pretty ecstatic and un-confused about it once they do.  Jake is absolutely adorable as he realizes how much his relationship with Brandon means to him. Unexpectedly, he tends to make the first moves in the relationship (first kiss, first ILY) and tends to be the rock. Brandon moves a little slower into things (he thinks, Jake throws things...including a flip flop at Brandon when he gets to thinking to hard). 

I also appreciate the wonderful cast of side characters. Troy and Jonathan as assistant coaches were hilarious and well written characters that served for comic relief but also turned out to be some of Jake and Brandon's staunchest supporters. Much of the conflict arose from Missy's pursuit of Jake and her meddling. While I found her to be a bit shallow and not a very appealing portrayal of my own gender, she did add drive to some of the plot lines and made me groan outloud occasionally. The only critique I would give is that sometimes the POV switches were a bit confusing, but not enough to pull me out.

Overall, I LOVE this book. It always leaves me smiling and with a warm fuzzy feeling in side. It has a simple joy of movement and the wonder of watching two people fall in love without throwing everything and their dog in the way (not those can't be good stories too). Therefore, I give this story a solid 5 Quill rating. It definitely passed the reread test. =)

You can find Caught Running here at Dreamspinner Press for $6.99. Go buy it!

And now for the other books I have read this week!!

New Books
Six Degrees of Lust by Taylor V. Donovan - 4.5 stars
Treasure by Megan Derr - 4 stars
Dragonfly by Andra Sashner - 4 stars
Hammer & Air by Amy Lane - 3.5 stars
An Unsettled Range by Andrew Grey - 3.5 stars
Gravitational Attraction by Angel Martinez - 4 stars
I, Omega by Kari Gregg - 1.5 stars
Promise in a Kiss by Piper Vaughn - 4 stars

Hard Fall by James Buchanan - 5 stars
Spin Out by James Buchanan - 5 stars
The Matchmaker by Megan Derr - 4 stars
How It Should Be by Rhianne Aile and Madeleine Urban - 3 stars
To Get to You by Sasha L. Miller - 4 stars
Knowing Caleb by Cameron Dane - 4 stars
Like Coffee and Doughnuts by Elle Parker - 3.5 stars
Like Pizza and Beer by Elle Parker - 4 stars
Caught Running by Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux


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  1. I agree Kathleen, this book is one of my all time favorites!
    I've finally given up hope on a sequel though! :(

    1. Especially now the Madeleine has stopped writing! I console myself by waiting (im)patiently for Armed and Dangerous...You can bet I will be reviewing that within hours of its release in May. =)