Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Updates and Pretty =)

A few things are going on right now that I thought I would share.

Thing the First - I posted over on Paranormal Paradigms today. My post is called "Legends of the Deep - Merpeople Throught the Ages." Go check it out!

Thing the Second - I have chosen names and generally plotted out my "Love is Always Write" story. For more info on that read this post. I am not going to post names/titles here cause that would give you unfair advantage in JenMcJ's polls over in the M/M Romance Group. Just know they are thought up and out there. =)

Thing the Third - Despite being completely busy and never sleeping I have begun to plot out a new novella/long short story. It involves a prophecy, traveling through space and time to save your one true love, one scrumptiously kilted man, and defeating an evil that rip our universe apart. It should be fun and I am hoping to finish it over the summer.

Thing the Fourth - For some reason words on the blog have been randomly linked to this thing called "Text Enhance" which is some sort of advertising thing. I did not do it and I am trying to work with Blogger to get rid of it. So don't click on words that seem to be randomly linked. Book titles, blog titles, things that say click here - those are me. Other than that, who knows so steer clear.

Thing the Fifth - The lovely MJ and Piper are having a wonderful giveaway over their blog, Babes in Boyland, in honor of the much anticipated upcoming release of The Luckiest. This is you chance to win not only a copy of the book but also a Luckiest themed hoodie, lighter, and a gift card to iTunes. Head on over and check it out!

Things the Sixth - THE PRETTY - not that that cover doesn't count amongst the pretty but here is some more. =)

Aren't those kittens just adorable....  Have a lovely Tuesday everyone!!!


  1. Kittens! And men! But mostly, kittens. >_>

    1. Kittens are way better than men any day!!!!