Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Book of the Week - In the Darkness

Title: In the Darkness
Author: Charles Edward
Publisher: LooseID
Length: 177 pages
Rating: 4 Quills
Tags: fantasy, first time, demons, magic


Gareth is his parents’ dirty secret: Cursed with a demonic appearance, he has always been in hiding just to stay alive. He must never be seen or his family will die. But when a violent attack endangers a local youth -- whom Gareth adores from the shadows -- there is no one else to help, and Gareth is driven to risk everything to save him.

Now the young man, Evin, wants to know more about this terrifying and beautiful stranger. Where did he come from? Is he a demon, or something more? They begin to meet in the darkness, becoming friends and then lovers. Evin’s sexual exploration and adoration of every part of Gareth’s strange body erase fear and self-loathing; and Gareth’s enthusiasm and prowess make every tryst more powerful, more deliriously sensual than the last.

But there is a purpose to Gareth’s existence, and when it is revealed, Evin and Gareth will be enslaved by rivals, separated to end up on opposite sides of a war. Evin will be forced to play a dangerous role: One which may make him Gareth’s destroyer.


This is the story of Gareth, who has been hidden away his whole life by his parents because of his "demon-like" appearance and Evin, a boy just turned man who has been abused his whole life and always felt left out. Gareth is unfailingly kind and naive in the sweetest sense. He is loyal and true of heart, if occasionally misguided. Evin is slightly jaded but still open to the unexpected when he is saved by Gareth.

The first half of the book was sweet as they got to know each other and I spent the second half of the book on tenterhooks, wondering when they would find each other again. The simple joy at finding each other and then the exquisite pain at their separation is palpable when reading and my heart broke for Gareth and Evin as I was reading. But never fear, there is a happy ending, and one I never would have expected from Evin. ;) 

I know that there has been some discussion about there being on screen m/f action in this book. There was, but very limited in detail and only to demonstrate the evil machinations of the queen. This was not an m/f romance plot by any means. All the romance is between our two boys.

So now for what you have been waiting for.....I give this book a solid 4 Quills. Go forth and read it!!

You can find In the Darkness By Charles Edward at Loose ID for $7.99!

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