Monday, November 7, 2011

Updates and Thoughts on First Kisses

One of my favorite things when reading is the first kiss between two men. If the first kiss is weak my expectations for the whole book have just notched down a bit. If the first kiss is amazing, then, even if the rest of the book doesn't live up to it, it leaves me with a warm glow.'s a first kiss from one of my WIPs. They have just had a romantic dinner on the roof.

I leaned back against Charlie and a feeling of warmth spread throughout me as I looked out at the sunset. This was a perfect night. Vivid orange and purple and red streaks filled the sky as the sun sank below the edge of the building. Even after the bright orb was no longer visible, its rays trailed through the heavens and seemed to reach out and wrap themselves around us binding us together.

Charlie’s arms tightened around me and I could feel him smiling against my cheek. I turned my head slightly so I could look into his eyes. What I saw there almost knocked my breath out of me. They were blazing with passion and heat and something so much deeper. They drew me in. I leaned towards him and he pressed his lips to mine. For a moment it was just soft and wonderful. Then we both shifted and deepened the kiss, opening to each other.

The warmth that had been taking root in me exploded in amazing intensity. It was one of those truly brilliant perfect moments in life that I would never forget. As the last rays of the sun disappeared it felt like they settled into us, comforting and eternal. I melted into him and it seemed for that time we were one soul, intertwined forever.

As we started to lose our breath, Charlie pulled back. He caressed the side of my face and his eyes bored into mine, and he just smiled at me like I was the best thing in all of the world. My heart flooded with joy and a broad smile spread over my face as well. I settled back against him to watch the stars come out, each bright twinkle of light shining down and illuminating our happiness.

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