Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Falling Apart Excerpt

For a little change of pace today (we'll get back to True Love's Kiss Special Features tomorrow), here is an excerpt from my second Love Has No Boundaries story, Falling Apart.

I settled into his lap more snugly, and continued with a game we had been playing all week. "So, what is your most embarrassing moment?"

Now he groaned, but not in satisfaction. "Couldn't you have asked something easy like 'favorite color' or 'favorite dessert'?"

"You can answer those if you want but my question still stands." I said with a smirk in my voice.

"Fine," he paused, "When I was a rookie, I arrived first on scene to a break in alarm. It was right when 3D holo technology was being released. It was dark, and I was nervous and I had a ten minute standoff with a holo-image shooter. It took me years to live that down."

I couldn't help myself. I burst out laughing. "Seriously? A standoff with a holo-image?"

"It was dark. Shut up."

He grabbed me and wrestled me until I was under him on the couch. All of the sudden, I was completely aware of everywhere we touched. Calf to calf, thigh to thigh, hips to hips, chest to chest. I got momentarily lost in the depths of his eyes.

"Make me." I said breathily.
Hope that whets your appetite! I'll let you know when they are posted. In the meantime, here's some pretty for your hump day. :D

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