Monday, July 22, 2013

True Love's Kiss Update #3

Today you will be getting the summary for Part 3 and some visual inspiration for the Fairy Gardens! Hope you enjoy. :D You can click here for the True Love's Kiss homepage with links to all the chapters or you can click here to go directly to Part 3.

Be is still locked in the room, as we left him at the end of the previous chapter. Expecting the King or one of his functionaries when the door bursts open, he is surprised when his overly excited sister enters. She convinces him to stay in the capital and give King Kalristian another chance - if only so she has the chance to study under the palace healers and learn more of her trade. And explore the capital some. Promises secured, Be makes the best of being forced into a court dinner by befriending ex-High Regent Silurianus. The evening takes a turn when he is shot with an arrow while viewing the lights of the city from one of the palace towers with Silurianus and Mils. ;)

Fairy Gardens Inspiration
NOTE: I own none of these photos and did none of this art work. Sources are noted where I could find them.

unknown artist
Frederick Grier
Kolonihavehaus by Tom Fruin
Unwanted Visitor by Herb Williams
Enduring Trust by Chuck Peters

Enduring Trust in Snow

I absolutely love outdoor glass sculpture. It is so beautiful and can be lit wonderfully by natural light or by fire (as in the story). These are just a few of an absolute ton of wonderful outdoor glass sculpture that I found. If you are interested bring out the google fu and give a go at it. You won't be disappointed. :D I chose these particular pieces to share today because of their bright colors and bold style. I believe that this most represents the style of art that would be found in the Fairy Gardens. The colors, in particular span the spectrum and are magical to view - especially from above where you would be able to take in the entire garden at once - as Be, Mils and Silurianus are able to in the chapter. Never fear, you will get a closer look at the Fairy Gardens in a later chapter. 

I hope that was a fun detour into the world of True Love's Kiss. I'll be back a day or so with some more! :D

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