Thursday, July 18, 2013

True Love's Kiss Update #2

This is True Love's Kiss special feature post #2! Following you will find a summary of Part 2 and some behind the scene's look at the cover!

Prince, now King, Kalristian and Be speak for the first time and it isn't love at first sight. Kalristian is shocked by the number of years that have passed since he was put to sleep to keep the curse at bay. After a heated exchange, Be storms out, determined to leave. Instead, he is apprehended and locked in one of the rooms in the palace.

Where did the cover come from?!?!

Initially, I had three separate ideas for this cover. 1. Some fun fantasy background 2. Fire/Swirls/Etc to indicate mystery/magical fun 3. Image of castle/palace. Here are few mock ups that I made along the way to my final version. All images used here have the stock photo watermark because they are just mock ups to decide which image to finally purchase.

In the end - after much discussion with my writing group at the time - I decided I liked the idea of a palace image the best. The scenery ones I could find were just too boring and the magic in the story isn't quite so flashy as all that. I thought the ivory themed palace was a better portrayal of the romantic and fantasy feel of the overall story. And now, this is the one I finally chose.

I chose this font because it had a whimsical romantic air about it. It seemed to go well with the feel I wanted. I chose this picture - as opposed to the ones above - because it was a little less visually confusing than the last one which I always feel like I am looking at upside down for some reason. I rejected the first palace image because it seemed a bit too plain. I did, however, like the chandelier. This influenced what I was looking for as I continued my search. I ended up with this picture which was a suitably nice looking palace, with a chandelier that is not overly ornate. This cover is not quite so story specific because True Love's Kiss is a serial and thus not completed yet. While I have the plot planned out, the specifics will be altered a lot over the course of writing. I did not want to make an overly specific cover and then have it not be relevant. Thus, I went more for a feel, than plot points.

Hope that was enjoyable!! I'll be back in a couple of days. :D

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