Monday, July 8, 2013


I have a confession to make. I have fallen to the temptations and depravities that are the world of tumblr. On tumblr I am not an author. I am not a reviewer. I AM A FAN(ATIC). I reblog my favorite shows (usually geeky in some way), I set my favorite ships to sail, I coo over the most adorable and ridiculous cat posts I can find and generally post randomness of every stripe. I am just now learning the joys of tagging (and am coming up with some pretty fun and awesome tags if I do say so myself). One that gets used more often than I might like, especially in reference to Janto is "tears to fill the seas of a thousand worlds." I think that pretty much describes tumblr as a whole. So, if you are interested, check me out over there:

And now for those of you who have no interest in tumblr, I give you some pretty to make this post worth it. ;)

I am in a broody man mood today - deal with it.