Thursday, December 8, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Extravaganza sign up

Next Wednesday, December 14th I will be kicking off my 12 Days of Christmas Extravaganza!!! Over the course of the 12 Days of Christmas, I will be having multiple giveaways, posting excerpts from at least 3 different WIPs, trivia, holiday short stories and much much more. There are nine wonderful authors participating, in addition to myself.

So far, the prizes I have lined up are

  • Piper Vaughn's Zombie Wonderland
  • Lily Sawyers's Love on the East End
  • Megan Derr's The Christmas Package
  • Taylor V. Donovan's Southern Winterland
  • Kaje Harper's Unacceptable Risk
  • Lissa Kasey's Inheritance and Reclamation
  • Either Xara X. Xanakas' Snakeskin Boots OR Crazy Wind 
  • A Friday First Kiss with characters you create OR a follow up ficbit written with any two characters I have already created
  • $10 gift card to the online bookseller of your choice
  • Mystery Trivia Prize

Other posts you can look forward to are

  • M.J. O'Shea's Christmas cooking fun with Snowflake cookies
  • excerpts from WIPs or other posts from Lily Sawyer, Kaje Harper, Pia Veleno, Xara X. Xanakas, and Summer Michaels
  • A Christmas story featuring Chaz and Job from Broken
  • Author Trivia (for a prize, of course)

I am working on getting a few more things together as well so it should be a ton of fun.

So now, what you are really waiting to sign up!

There are three ways to get entries into the main giveaways:
  1. comment below with valid e-mail address for one entry
  2. become a follower of this blog for a second entry
  3. Pimp this event on facebook, goodreads, twitter, etc and post the link in your comment for a third entry
Entries for this portion of the giveaways will be open until 7:00 pm, EST on December 14th and winners will posted throughout the event. You will have 48 hours to get back to me or I will draw a new winner.

To be entered to win the Trivia prize, find the answer to each daily trivia question on the featured author's blog or website and e-mail it to me at with "Trivia - Author's Name" as the subject line. DO NOT post your trivia answers as a comment or you will give it away. =)

And finally, I will give away the $10 giftcard on Christmas day, if and only if, I have reached 50 followers before Midnight, EST on Christmas Eve. I will draw a winner from everyone who is a follower. Each person gets only one entry.

So sign up and tell everyone about it and get ready to have a great time while we wait for Christmas!!!!


  1. Hi Kathleen,

    Please count me in. :)

  2. Count me in, too!

    -Mandy Beyers

    beyerlein @ sbcglobal. net

  3. Sign me up, homeskillet! You know my email. :P

  4. Oooh! This sounds fun, the 14th? Count me in I'll definitely be there! Just wondering is it happening on this particular site or on the goodreads site itself?

  5. Please count me in Kathleen.

    And I already follow! :)

    Doublemom2001 (at) googlemail ( dot) com

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  7. What's up, I totesm'goatsally facebook pimped this. Though I don't think I have anyone on my facebook that cares for this kind of stuff. XD Also, deleted and recommented, because I also pimped on my lj, though again...most of those people are WoW people. Maybe someone will see and be interested though. :D

  8. @Gabby - It's here on Romancing the Word! =)

    @Kiv - You're crazy...and thanks!!

  9. @Possum - got you counted for two entires...I just need your email address for if you win! =) You can email me directly at if you don't want to post it. Thanks for following!

  10. Sounds like a blast! Count me in :-)

    smaccall AT

  11. Count me in, and I tweeted it too!

    adara adaraohare com!/adaraohare

  12. Please count me in!!


    became a follower~ :D

    And here is my pimpage! HERE & HERE xD
    Thanks so much for this giveaway/contest! x3

  13. Hey Kathleen! I just became a follower - found your 12 Days of Christmas through Babes in Boyland. I LOVED Broken and I read your Friday First Kiss posts all the time. This looks like a lot of fun. Please count me in.


  14. Hey Kathleen, I am in--and a new follower--thanks so much for the invite at goodreads!!!


  15. I love your blog, and i'm in for the 12 days! I'm following and I've posted on Facebook.

    Laura M

  16. I've posted on Goodreads, Twitter & Facebook. Just found this blog through Silver Publishing and love it so much I had to subscribe!

  17. @Marissa and Laura - So glad you have enjoyed the blog and thanks for posting about it elsewhere!!! =)

  18. This sounds so fun! I just signed up to follow the blog.


  19. count me in!


  20. I have trouble signing up for some reason. I am going to try again. Please, count me in.

    mura32 at

  21. Hi Kathleen,
    I've just signed in as a follower. :)
    Please count me in!

  22. Ooh, I hope I win something.

    charming.euphemism at

  23. Hey Kathleen, I am in--and a new follower--thanks so much for the invite at goodreads!!!


  24. I'm looking forward to the cookies... ;)

  25. Ok, I've signed up as follower, still confused why my livejournal account wouldn't work for leaving a comment...but how do we apply to win a special price? *cough*Reclamation*cough* ;)

  26. @Fehu - Check back and when you see Lissa's post, comment. =)

  27. I am very much loving this contest and the posted authors right now. I would be ecstatic to join. I am now following the blog as well. The holiday time is the best. I would post under my name but for some reason it is not allowing me to log in under google. Not being tech savvy, I am anonymous.

  28. Count me in, please!

    I have also become a "follower"! (sounds almost sinister, doesn't it?)


  29. Count me in, please!

    following as Cayce
    cayce006 at yahoo dot com

  30. Just in time, hopefully:) Count me in, please!

    anke_gabriel at yahoo dot com