Friday, December 16, 2011

On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

LISSA KASEY visiting me and giving things away!!!

This is what Lissa shared with me when I asked her my holiday profile questions. =)

Holidays and I are sort of frenemies. My family celebrates Christmas, Santa, trees, big dinner and all. I show up for the food and drop off presents. As an individual with anxiety issues, and fear of crowds, the holiday season is terrifying and painful. 

Don’t get me wrong. I love the idea of it, selfless giving and all that. Being with family is great, though I live close enough to them to do that any time of the year. Unfortunately, this time of year means long lines, crowded grocery stores, and lots of traffic. Not great for someone who doesn’t like being around a lot of people. 

However, this time of year is great for writing since no one really expects me to be anywhere, so often you’ll find me quiet online because I’m penning the next great m/m novel. =)

I do spend a lot of time with friends and have some really funny holiday memories. For example, two Christmas’ ago a friend of mine was making turkey for dinner. Her whole family was there and she had invited me to join in to help with dinner. We found out pretty quickly that the turkey her mother had bought was too large for the backing pan. My friend used a bag for to keep the moisture in. About two hours into the cooking process I turned toward the oven and noticed the turkey was on fire. 

Yes, truly, flames and all. The bag had burst and the liquid inside hit the heating element on the bottom of the oven and became a grease fire. We had to turn the oven off, take the turkey out, put out the fire, let the oven cool then clean it. We ended up eating dinner at like 6 P.M. instead of 2 as originally planned. 

So the holiday does have some good memories for me. Funny though they may be. I don’t often read stories about the holiday. I believe it’s because I can’t relate to all the crazy joy and non-fear written in most holiday stories. I am, however, working on the fourth book in the Dominion series, and it is about Seiran and Gabe and will end with them celebrate Solstice. Seiran is a lot like me in his feelings for the holiday of Christmas, but since Gabe celebrates it, Sei is trying to compromise. 

The boys from the series always provide me with interesting new ways to view the world. Yes, they are mixed up and flawed so they are somewhat biased, but I think we all are that way. That is why I enjoy writing the Dominion series so much. Inheritance, Reclamation, and soon Conviction, keep the story going and the characters growing. The one I’m working on right now will probably not be released until late next year, but I think it will be a different take on the holiday season. 

So there you go! Today Lissa was kind enough to give me a copy of Inheritance AND a copy of Reclamation to giveawy to y'all today! If you haven't signed up on the original post comment below to be entered to win. Entries will close at 9 pm CST.

Inheritance by Lissa Kasey


As the only male studying magic in a female-dominant society, Seiran Rou’s life is already on a precarious perch. Then he finds a dead co-worker on his doorstep, and Sei realizes someone is trying to set him up for the fall. It could be anyone—including his own mother, a powerful witch and leader of the Dominion, the ruling body of elemental magic. 

Sei’s only saving graces are his on-again, off-again vampire boyfriend, Gabe, and the mysterious Jamie, who wants to help him for reasons Sei doesn’t understand. They may be all that stand between Sei and the Dominion’s demands to control his magic. One man’s devotion could be the key to save Sei’s life and pull him back from the brink of losing his humanity to the magic he possesses.

Reclamation by Lissa Kasey


After killing with magic to save his own life, Seiran Rou is persona non grata with the Dominion, the ruling body of magic. Though he has the support of his vampire lover, Gabe, his half-brother, Jamie, and his friend Kelly, Sei suffers when Dominion supporters continue to harass him. To make matters worse, long-buried memories of his violent past are starting to surface, including e-mails and phone calls from Matthew Pierson, a man who abused him—a man who's supposed to be dead. 

With his fears driving a wedge between him and Gabe, Sei tries to get help, only to find himself in a trap. Sei does know Gabe will come for him. What he doesn't know is how either of them will survive the fight

Also, don't miss all the free shorts in the Dominion universe: Friction

Check out more about Lissa at her website or on goodreads. Also check out an interview I did with Sei here.

Trivia Question: Has Lissa written anything, that is available now, that is not connected to her Dominion series? If yes, what?

Go explore her website to discover the answer!! Please email your answers to me at for a chance to win the trivia prize on Christmas Eve! Answers for yesterday's question are longer being accepted.

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  1. I already own both books so I won't be entering the drawing,
    ...but omg, I just have to say, I LOVE the Dominion series. I absolutely ADORE Sei and I love Gabe. I can hardly wait for the next book to take me into their world again.
    I'm so excited to hear there is a 4th coming. Even if the characters shift and Sei and Gabe are no longer the main protags, the story in general, the world, fascinates me!

    Thank you so much for introducing us to this amazing world, Lissa!


  2. I did sign up on the original post but I just wanted to say Lissa--I will e anew fan--your work sounds wonderful--excited to read it!

  3. I've signed up with the original post as well and mentioned your works, which made me sign up in the first place. :)

  4. Can you put me in please.